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    "All Praises to the Most High".

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    Introducing one of the most original young up and coming artist of his generation, the sensation is making his way to you bring the classic Hip Hop style with a new generational twist. DR noting on his journey: "I can only hope to compared to some of the old school, new and mega established artist but really it’s all about being the best I can be of my generation."

    GIMME30 Show


    RU$$ MAURICE & MB Tray featuring special guest Deleon Rovon a rising musician in the DFW. He came through to drop a few gems, tell us about his recent album 'Yet to Be", the potential of Lewisville, his take on the state of the world after the El Paso & Dayton shootings, and blessed us with an a capella freestyle.
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    Yet To BE

    First EP Project

    Really enjoyed the process with Fearless, Yet to Be was an unexpected project but definitely a great coming out project.

    Sunshine "Single"

    Ft. Deleon Rovon

    Worked a project with Sea Harr, one of my favorite artist...Super Creative.

    Vince Carter

    Jay Vasquez (Feat. Deleon Rovon)

    Definitely leaned into this joint by my man Jay, hot track and a classic already.

    Live My Life

    Deleon Rovon

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